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Epoxy ring technology offers low probe to probe capacitance for high performance applications and also offers lower probe leakage allowing extremely low current measurements. Epoxy ring probe cards also allow high density pin count with 3 mil (75micron) pitch and offers a ceramic ring to avoid potential shunt phenomenon or interaction between the probes and the ring.

Accuprobe Probe Ring designs offers an inner ring that is similar to the shape of the device to create a nearly uniform probe length from the inner ring to the contact pad. A uniform probe length results in balanced contact force (BCF) on the device under test (DUT).

The epoxy used for Accuprobe probe rings is a special formulation for mechanical and electrical properties to provide a stable platform for the probes to maintain X,Y & Z position throughout the full range of normal operating temperatures. The special ceramic filled formulation has a low hydroscopic absorption level to minimize probe to probe leakage, and offers a high dielectric constant for maximum signal integrity.

Accuprobe also offers a wide range of standard probe cards in all conventional formats to operate with most wafer probers and test systems. In addition, Accuprobe offers a custom probe card design service to provide an application specific probing solution. Solution is a good word since the majority of any probing application often depends more on the probe card, to condition or preserve the signal integrity, than the probes alone. Accuprobe's standard PR series probe cards typically provide one or more concentric bus rings to serve as power or ground planes as determined by the test application. Provision is typically made for series and, or parallel passive components on each card. Some cards have room for the addition of active signal processing circuitry. Custom card designs provide nearly unlimited capabilities and may include matched impedance signal lines, equal line lengths for uniform signal propagation, double sided or multi-layer construction and many more features that can be designed into the unique probing solution. The power of the solution lies in the creative application of fundamental probing techniques to preserve the integrity of the test signal. Much of that solution depends on a creative probe card design. Accuprobe offers a selection of standard card designs yet remains flexible to create new designs that have wide market application. In addition, Accuprobe recognizes that many customers have custom designs of their own and Accuprobe welcomes customers to supply their unique custom cards.

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