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Our Services

Accuprobe has produced hundreds of probe card designs for customers world wide over the life of the company. Cantilever beam and epoxy ring cards are our specialty in addition to custom probes, probe card holders and associated equipment.

Custom card designs provide nearly unlimited capabilities and may include matched impedance signal lines, equal line lengths for uniform signal propagation, double sided or multi-layer construction and many more features that can be designed into the unique probing solution. The power of the solution lies in the creative application of fundamental probing techniques to preserve the integrity of the test signal. Much of that solution depends on a creative probe card design. Accuprobe offers a selection of standard card designs yet remains flexible to create new designs that have wide market application. In addition, Accuprobe recognizes that many customers have custom designs of their own and Accuprobe welcomes customers to supply their unique custom cards.

Modern design tools including AutoCAD, 3-D modeling, and PCB design software are used in the design process. Custom cards can be products in as little a 2-3 weeks from design concept to finished card receipt.

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Tel: (978) 745-7878
Fax: (978) 745-7922