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Company Overview

Accuprobe, founded in 1976, develops, manufactures, and markets high performance probing and interface products for use in the testing of integrated and hybrid circuits. This company's proprietary products are used by manufacturers of semiconductors and hybrid circuits to electronically screen their products for defects before they are incorporated into electronics systems. Such screening is accomplished in conjunction with automated test equipment (ATE) which transmits electrical signals through interface circuitry to probe cards which make the electrical/mechanical contact with each circuit under test. The company's products are designed to provide more efficient screening of the circuits thereby increasing yields to manufacturers.

The company's products address both the semiconductor wafer sort or IC test segment as well as the thick and thin film hybrid circuit, optical and laser trim segments of the semiconductor device market. The company offers a wide selection of probe technologies including Probe Ring (Epoxy Ring), Metal and Ceramic Blades, Z adjustable and Blade Spring probes.

The company offers the service of probe card assembly and repair utilizing any of the above probe technologies. In addition, the company also designs and produces probe card assembly and maintenance equipment which will allow customers to assemble their own card assemblies. The company also offers the consumable materials for use with the assembly and repair equipment.

To learn more about Accuprobe products, please review the information contained within this virtual catalog. If still additional information is required, please contact Accuprobe directly via Email , fax or by telephone at the location nearest you.

Tel: (978) 745-7878
Fax: (978) 745-7922